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7 Myths About Extremely Sensitive People

There are several myths about extremely sensitive people. Sensitivity is a weakness for a society that privileges only the powerful and strong. Society keeps sensitive individuals at a distance believing that they are fragile and silent. However, this does not mean sensitivity is a bad characteristic. Nearly 20% of the population, which is around 1.4 billion people, are extremely sensitive people. Sadly, many people still don’t understand the trait of sensitivity. The way you are, innately sensitive, is necessary and also much required.

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Extremely Sensitive People Are Shy & Weak

A Shy Woman Hiding Her Face

We prefer to classify people based on certain qualities. Extremely sensitive people tend to ignore those traits. There are numerous types of weaknesses. These people are at mercy to pain. So they’re going to stop trying to fight since they’re not violent. It would make them seem weak. Yet their ability to pick up on the thoughts and emotional behavior of others gives a certain amount of benefit.

In social contexts, shyness is the fear of adverse criticism. These individuals may feel reluctant because they are so mindful of all the consequences in a situation. They usually hesitate before going ahead, considering their previous experiences.

Mostly Women Are Extremely Sensitive People

Sensitivity may sound like a feminine trait, but there are just as many highly sensitive men as women. Men are equally sensitive, it is just that they are simply more likely to retain it. Owing to our society, men have only been taught to express it differently. But as our society grows, more emotionally informed men are accepting their sensitivity. Others who are still in hiding are often referred to as sensitive men in secret. A man in your life who seems very distant or cold may potentially be a sensitive man in secret.

They Struggle at Handling Relationships

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For extremely sensitive people, relationships may be difficult, but for non-sensitive individuals, relationships are difficult too. Good relationships, whether the individuals in the relationship are sensitive or not, require work, connectivity, and the ability to heal from past experiences.

Often, extremely emotional people may tend to remain themselves, but since they are also emotional to other individuals as well as themselves, they may build friendships that are very loving and affectionate. While highly sensitive individuals are sensitive to their emotional pain, they are also strongly compassionate and closely connected to feelings.

They Are Introvert & Lack Of Confidence

At times, extreme sensitivity and introversion are interchangeably used. Although they share similar traits, the two are not the same. Some highly sensitive individuals keep to themselves because they feel irritated by interacting with lots of people. But that doesn’t mean they’re afraid to enjoy the company of others or be extrovert. After living in over-stimulating cases, sensitive individuals necessarily require alone time to relax, much like introverts, but they can still get benefit from being with other people.

They Can’t Handle Stressful Situations

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Those people who consider themselves extremely empathic or sensitive may think that they have to stay away from society. Since extremely sensitive individuals are hyper-perceptive, which means they pick up on subtle stimulation more quickly, their nervous systems are inherently more easily distracting. Therefore, sensitive individuals need more time to rest and usually enjoy a little alone time each day. Extremely sensitive people do not, though, shy away from questioning others on a tough issue or taking reasonable chances or tackling a difficult situation. Being an extremely sensitive person is an opportunity to exercise self-care to safeguard their sensitivities and cultivate them.

They Cry At Everything & Are Too Emotional

Several extremely sensitive individuals are not emotionally volatile, as considered by society. Their emotional energy can be a blessing to the world. Extremely emotional individuals appear to deeply feel thoughts and emotions, and they can weep more frequently than most. That does not mean, though, that extremely sensitive people weep for no reason. Because most adult extremely sensitive people have known how to cope with their cries and can do so in a manner that is minutely disruptive to everyone else.

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Extremely Sensitive People Are Susceptible To Physical Or Mental Illness

It all ultimately comes down to differences in the genes and setting, much like many other attributes. On average, mental or physical health conditions are not at any further risk for an extremely sensitive person. The trait can also help you if you’re in a stabilized setting. You are better than most individuals both physically and mentally. Many extremely sensitive people do not have autism. While individuals with autism need to be sensitive, so can anyone else.

The above-mentioned are not the only myths we hear about extremely sensitive people, but they are some of the most erroneous. They explain that daily life can be a fight simply to be recognized. There is a silver lining and this will change because one-day sensitivity will be perceived as a normal trait. By then, continue to contradict them.

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