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7 Effective Ways of Strength Training During Pregnancy

If you are confused by reading the topic of this article wondering how strength training during pregnancy works, then say no more! This article will help you with some amazing exercises and strength training programs that you can carry out when you’re expecting.

strength training during pregnancy is important for the mother and baby

You often hear or read about strength training when someone talks about athletes, gym goers or bodybuilders. Nonetheless, it is something that can benefit you in more than one ways when you’re pregnant. Strength training as the name indicates can actually increase your strength during pregnancy. This means you can go through labor and delivery effectively. Furthermore, working out during pregnancy has its own perks. 

Benefits of Strength Training During Pregnancy

Pregnancy might by the time when you think all you can do is laze around and relax, but you’re wrong. It is actually the time when working out, stretching your body and getting active can be one great thing to do. In fact strength training during pregnancy can be miraculous for you. There can only be one exception to it, that’s when your mid wife or doctor tells you not to do so because of certain pregnancy complications.

strength training during pregnancy reduces symptoms like back pain

Here are some amazing benefits of strength training during pregnancy.

Reduced Symptoms

Pregnancy can often be all about the symptoms that come with it. From having immense back aches to bloating and constipation, everything can just be a little too much to handle. However, one great benefit when you strength train during pregnancy is that it reduces major symptoms.

Strength training makes your back and abdominal muscles stronger hence you experience reduced back aches. Additionally, it also helps you cope with the constipation and bloating by getting your body active.

Manage Weight Gain

Gaining those extra pounds during pregnancy is normal. However, most women are unable to lose weight after they give birth. Exercising not only helps you in controlling weight during pregnancy, but you can also easily lose weight after delivery. Thus, you can be in an absolutely normal weight range even after you’ve given birth.

Strength Training During Pregnancy Increases Endurance

Exercising regularly and strength training when you’re pregnant can help you improve your stamina and endurance. Delivery and labor is all about having great stamina, especially when you’re just about to deliver the baby. You need to be strong enough to bring a new life into the world. Strength training helps you with exactly that. Besides, when you’re strong enough to push the baby, you’re safe from getting a C-section.

Tips for Strength Training During Pregnancy

There are ample benefits of strength training when you’re pregnant. However, to make it more beneficial and effective for you, it is important to keep the following tips in mind.

Consult Your Doctor

Before you begin your strength training it is important to check with your doctor to confirm whether you can perform workouts or not. Once you get the approval, you can begin a strength training program that’s especially for pregnant women. It is advised to refer to a trainer who has experience in training prenatal exercises.

Use Safe Techniques

Since you’re expecting, it is definitely not a good idea to lift weights swiftly. What you can rather do is slowly pick them up and not use heavy weights while lifting. In case of any discomfort stop exercising or make a change in your routine.

Strength Training Programs To Follow During Pregnancy

Once you have consulted with your doctor and got an approval to train when you’re pregnant, there are ample strength training programs that you can begin. Working out using these exercises for just about 30 minutes three days of the week can prove to be a boon for you and your baby. So let’s take a look at some of the strength training workouts you can carry out during your gestation period.

Weight Lifting

If you want to strengthen and tone your muscles when you’re pregnant, try weight lifting. If you’re someone who already lifts weights, it’d be ideal to use lower weights with about 15 reps during the pregnancy. Weight lifting makes you stronger hence it physically prepares you to endure all the pain you will soon go through. Moreover, weight lifting also benefits in healing quickly after the pregnancy.


Swimming is hands down one of the best activities you can safely perform when you’re expecting. Apart from strengthening your muscles, swimming also has major benefits when compared to other workouts during pregnancy. Your weight is comparatively lesser in water than it is out of it, so you easily perform water aerobics and swimming when you’re pregnant. Additionally, swimming helps in relieving puffy ankles, nausea and sciatic pain.


Pregnancy comes with a lot of back aches, so one way you can reduce them is by doing planks. This exercise strengthens your abs and hence prevents back aches that are induced due to pregnancy.


If it’s about pregnancy and strength training, squats should certainly be on the list. They are an excellent strength training workout that improves the range of motion in your glutes, hips, core and pelvic floor muscles. You can perform regular squats or squats with a ball whichever is more comfortable for you.

Performing squats during pregnancy can assist you in the process of giving birth since the exercise more or less depicts that. Furthermore, squats can also help you in improving your posture when you’re pregnant. 


Pilates are another strength training exercise you should definitely perform during pregnancy. However, the programs should be tailored specifically for pregnant women to make it safe and effective. Pilates can help in strengthening your gluteal muscles and improve your posture. Doing Pilates also eases movement for you when you perform daily activities that become a little difficult during pregnancy.


Having a baby definitely needs you to have stronger arms and shoulders. That’s because you have to carry the baby for most of the time for feeding them and putting them to sleep. So working on your biceps and triceps can be a great way to strengthen your muscles and get baby ready.

Lower Body Workout

Your lower body is going to bear all the pregnancy weight that you have gained. So it is vital to keep it strong and flexible. Performing leg extensions or seated leg-curl can be a great way to strengthen your hamstrings and quadriceps before birth.

Strength training is an effective and beneficial way that will help you throughout your pregnancy. Not only will you experience lesser back aches, but your muscles also strengthen up. Thus strength training during pregnancy prepares you to give birth naturally and also enables you to recover quickly post-partum. However, always be aware and stop immediately if you sense any wrong signs or symptoms while working out.

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