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7 Tips to Help Manage Your Periods While Working Out

Moving to get the minimal things like food during your periods is a task in itself let alone doing some exercise. Do you find it difficult to manage your periods? Well, they are a nightmare for any girl who faces the disastrous cramps, the laziness, a bloated tummy and Oh! Don’t get us started on the mood swings! Besides, you also feel low on energy during that time of the month so working out would definitely not be on your to-do list.

The girl is tired and is taking rest due to periods

Most girls skip working out when their menstrual cycle has started. Although that’s fair enough because of all the discomfort it causes, it can really help you deal with some of the major symptoms when you’re on your period. Are you thinking how you can go about doing exercises when all you’re concerned of are the cramps and leaks? Worry no more, because you can manage your periods seamlessly while working out.

Tips to Manage Your Periods While Exercising

We know that starting off is definitely not going to be easy with the period pains and fear of staining your clothes. However, it is certainly going to help you ease the pain and elevate your mood so why not give it a try. And when it comes to managing your flow, we’ve got you some handy tips. You can use these tips to deal with your periods when you’re working out. 

The girl is holding a menstrual cup and a tampon that she can use to manage her periods while working out

To Manage Your Periods Be Mindful Of What You Wear

One of the major concerns you may have when you think about exercising on your periods is the leakage. What if the flow spoils your gym gear by staining a good red colour on it? Well, to handle that, you can use the kind of protection that suits best for you. Whether it is a pad or a tampon, use one you feel comfortable in. However, remember to change it just before you begin your work out to feel better and avoid leakage.

Another great alternative to tampons and pads is a menstrual cup to ensure that you are totally leakage free. You can also layer your outfit with an extra pair of shorts if you’re really self-conscious.

Change Your Schedule

If your regular workout schedule includes a lot of high intense workouts, then one thing you can do is switch to workouts that are slow yet effective. One great practise during your menstrual cycle is yoga. It eases your muscles and works on relieving menstrual cramps as well.

Don’t Forget To Hydrate If You Want To Manage Your Periods

All of us know the benefits of drinking ample water every day. However, hydrating your body is the key when you are working out during your periods. It keeps your body healthy and hydrated, and it also reduces the bloating, thus makes working out easier for you. Drinking more water during your periods also improves the functioning of your digestive system.


Pilates are a great option during that time of the month. It helps reduce period symptoms like cramps and fatigue. Furthermore, it helps relax your body.

Stretching Is Important to Manage Your Periods

We all know that stretching your body before and after exercising works wonders and saves you from any kind of discomfort. Similarly, stretching also helps you a lot during your periods, especially when you stretch after working out. If you’re facing a slight discomfort after you’re done exercising, stretching your muscles can really help in easing the discomfort. You can also consider performing yoga activities that involve stretching.

Don’t Push Yourself

Yes, working out has great benefits for your body while you’re going through your menstrual cycle. However, the cramps you go through can sometimes be dreadful, and if that’s the case for you, then you can totally skip any kind of exercise that may cause you uneasiness. Rather, you can just take a small walk to keep yourself active.

Reduce Your Cardio

Cardio is great for your periods; however, make sure you don’t go too high intensity. It’s time to slow it down when you’re on your periods. Rather than going high intensity and running for 30 minutes, you can cut it down to 10 or 25 minutes. You can also switch to walking instead of running in order to manage your periods.  

Following these simple tips while working out can help manage your periods and also ease it up a little bit for you. If you’re still uncertain about working out during that time of the month, then here’s why you should.

Benefits of Working Out On Your Periods

Exercising during that time of the month can not only improve your productivity, but it also has a positive effect on your menstrual cramps and mood swings. Don’t believe us? Well, we’ve got some amazing benefits of working out on your periods listed below:

The girl is working in gym to reduce her peirod pain

Combats Fatigue

Periods unquestionably make us feel that no energy is left in our body to do anything at all. Nonetheless, doing exercise can actually help you feel better and a lot more active. By that we don’t mean you have to be doing high intensity exercises. Just simple low impact work outs can also create a major impact by increasing your energy levels and thus help you in combating all those lazy feelings.

Reduces the Symptoms

Your periods come with a lot of irritation in the form of mood swings, bloating, tiredness, and headaches to name a few. Working out can help you ease these symptoms to a great extent. When your body stretches a bit and gets a little active during those days, it definitely helps you. Moreover, exercising also elevates your mood during your periods. 

Sweating It Out Helps Relieve Your Pain

If you have bad cramps going on, then one thing you must try is exercising enough to sweat it out. When you work out, your body releases pain relieving hormones that help cure your menstrual cramps by reducing muscle contractions to a good degree. If you’re having headaches, you can go for a walk or jog for a while to reduce it. The endorphins your body releases when you work out helps in relieving the headaches.

Elevate Your Mood

Mood swings and periods, they’re synonymous for us because of all the extreme changes in mood we face during those days. One moment you want to cry your heart out and the other, you’re angry at everything and everyone. When you exercise during your menstrual cycle, your body releases the feel good hormone – Endorphins which can help relieve you from constant mood swings.

Working out for just about 30 minutes when you’re on your periods can reduce a lot of major symptoms and keep you fit and fine. With the tips mentioned in this article, you can easily manage your period while working out.

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