7 Ways How You Can Fake It When Pretending to Work

How to Fake Work

We have all been through that phase at work when we’re just too lazy to meet the deadlines, or aren’t in the mood to work on a few more projects. So you can simply be pretending to work instead of lazing around the office. This also works well when you’re working remotely and have other plans you don’t want to miss on. Just pretend that you’re working even when you’re not and voila! You’ll need some tips and tricks to start and that’s why we’re here.

If your boss or manager sees you wasting your time on unnecessary things, it can raise doubt. But when you are pretending to work, they will certainly not bother you. If you’re an intern who wants to look busy to avoid work or just another worker, you can fake it. These tips will surely help you whether you’re working remotely or from your office.

Handy Tips on How to Fake Work

You know you work hard day in and day out. So taking some time to chill every once in a while isn’t a bad idea, right? If you get your work done quickly but do not want any extra workload, you can just fake it that you’re working! Yes, you heard that right. Make yourself look busy, use your work items and a little wit, and you’re all set.

Make Yourself Look Busy When Pretending To Work

Pretending To Work

You can pretend to be working by looking busy. All you have to do is grab some papers and walk around the office acting like you’re getting the work done. When people see you rush around here and there, they think that you’re slogging to complete your projects. And when you seem busy, your boss or manager will definitely not bother you with other work. You can also visit other departments of the office to ask work-related questions. It will definitely make you look busy, who knows you’re just pretending 😉

Look Frustrated

With just a little bit of acting skills and simple expressions, you can successfully pretend to be busy. Stare at your computer screen keenly and let out a sigh. People who have an eye on you will think you’re just overwhelmed with the workload you have. But remember to not look over frustrated, else you may have someone come for your help.

A Messy Desk Works for All

This trick is something that will surely help you when you’re pretending to work. Get some sticky notes out and put them across your table. Pile up some current and old work files. You can also have some pens and a calculator around for a better effect. Having a lot of work items scattered around gives out the impression that you’re working really hard on your projects. However, make sure it’s in line with what you’re working on. Don’t make a big mess.

And if you’re someone who has their major part of work on computers, then you can open about five or six tabs on your computer and stare at the screen intently rummaging through tabs. This makes you look absorbed in your work when all you’re doing is faking it.

Use MS Excel for the Rescue

All you have to do is open a spreadsheet in MS Excel and start filling it in randomly. Anyone who comes close to you will definitely back off seeing it. You can also open stuff that looks like work. Mailing articles or blogs to yourself and then reading them in your mail or on a word document will depict that you’re working.

Tips To Pretend To Be Busy When Working Remotely

In the current scenario, remote working definitely seems to be the new normal. You can stay in the comfort of your home and operate your office tasks. Nonetheless, all of us know that only our office can create that productive environment. Working at home often means that you’re just going to be lying on the couch binging with a laptop by your side. All those zoom meetings every day can seriously create disinterest in work.

However, you have to attend those meetings no matter what. So if you want to relax for a while when working at home, we’ve got some cool and simple tricks that you can use to look busy.

Trick Your Online Presence

Work from home is all about being present online, so why not show your seniors and co-workers that you’re present all the time by just making sure you have the green dot always visible on your hangouts, Gmail, or any other app you use for office work. When people from your office see that you’re online all the time, it creates an illusion that you’re working really hard when all you’re doing is pretending to work.

Schedule Pretentious Emails When Pretending To Work

Sending emails to your co-workers or seniors talking about the minimal details of the project or just confirming what your senior just talked about in the video conference can send in a message that you’re on the system working dedicatedly. Schedule a few emails throughout the day and you’re seniors will definitely think you’re working.

Don’t Send In Projects Altogether

Working from home means submitting your work online according to the deadlines. While doing so, make sure you do not send in everything altogether. For instance, if you have 5 projects that you have to submit today and you’re almost done, do not send them! Yes, instead of sending in work entirely, you can send files every now and then. This makes your seniors believe that you’re working throughout the day and sending the files as and when they’re done. You can save yourself from extra workload if you’re done early.

Whether you’re working from an office or from home, it’s natural to feel a little bored with continuous work. If that happens, refer to the points mentioned above so you can be pretending to work even when all you’re doing is chilling.

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