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How to Get the Best Coffee Benefits for Café Quality Coffee at home

As a coffee lover, you would always want to have the perfect blend every time. However, sometimes, you may mess up. You could get coffee which is too watery, too sweet, or plain bitter. In this article, learn how to make the perfect coffee benefits every day without compromising on taste, and without leaving the comfort of your home.

The perfect coffee can be made by what the Italians termed as The Four Ms: Macchina (machine), Macinazi (grinder), Miscela (coffee blend), and Mano (barista). As someone at home, if you buy instant coffee, these factors obviously won’t matter much to you. But there is another, more important factor, which is often overlooked: the water that you use.

Water can be of many varying levels in many different regions of the world. It can range from hard, soft, salty, mineralized, and unprocessed. Some water also has added vitamins and mineral to it.

All these factors severely affect the taste of your coffee, even though it may not seem like it on the surface. No matter how many different mixtures and blends you use, if the water that you use is not up to the mark, then it will surely affect the taste of your coffee.

Making café quality coffee at home

Using a Scale for the Best Coffee Benefits

If you are a true coffee nerd, then you already know the importance that a coffee scale holds. For the uninitiated though, it is an easy explanation: buy using scales, you can easily remove the need for guess work, by which the taste of your coffee can get spoilt.

Previously, before professional scales were used, hard- core coffee fanatics would also use small sized rulers to measure the amount that should be put in the brew. Naturally, they were not really that effective, but they did not have much of an option.

Most people use the standard concept that has been passed down for years: use a rounded tablespoon of coffee per cup. But this measurement would differ from house to house, café to café. Most of the people have different sized spoons. Not only that, they have different sized cups as well. Someone using a large tablespoon on a small cup of coffee would get a very bitter taste, as compared to someone using a smaller sized tablespoon on a large glass. Their coffee would be watery, and sweet. Thus, to remove these different standards, and make coffee with an equal measurement wherever you are, using a coffee scale is the best option for you.

This problem would also arise when making espresso shots. Espresso is a way of making highly delicate brew with the most coffee benefits. The most miniscule issue can spoil the shot. In order curb the problem of making bad shots of coffee, using scales is a must.

Knowing the Best Roasted Coffee Options

Most people do not roast their own coffee at home, preferring instead to buy roasted or instant coffee from shops. But there are a large variety of instant coffee blends all over the market, and finding the perfect blend for most coffee benefits can you can be a hard task. But there are some ways by which you can find the perfect roasted coffee for yourself.

Best roasted coffee types

It is quite possible that your local café or coffee shop gives samples of their upcoming products which you might enjoy. Make sure that you get the samples, as this is the best way that you will get the perfect coffee benefits. In addition, make sure that your café is transparent and honest about the coffee blend that they use. If they use coffee which has been stored in bags, then there is nothing better for you to buy. However, if the coffee place stores their coffee in large tubs, and is not honest about where they receive their coffee from, find a new place for yourself. Their coffee will not only be stale due to constant exposure to oxygen, but it is also probable that their old coffee will be mixed in with the new coffee that they get.

Making the Best Cold Coffee

Sometimes, you are in the mood for a big old cup of cold coffee. The occasion does not usually matter; the temptation is there, and it needs to be fulfilled. Here’s how you can make the perfect cup of cold coffee, right at home. If you don’t want to use cold brew coffee, you can easily use instant coffee powder as well.


  • Take half a cup of coffee, and 1 1/2 cups of water. Pour it together in a big jar. If you are using ground coffee, then leave the liquid overnight, or 12 hours, and then strain it. Otherwise, you can proceed immediately.
  • To make Iced Black Coffee, make the liquid in another jar, and mix it with ice cubes.
  • To make iced milk coffee, use the liquid that you have made, and add condensed milk to it. This will make your coffee milky, as well as sweet. Add ice cubes to this mixture, and your iced coffee is ready to go. In addition, if you want to add a little fun and whimsical element to your drink, you can serve it with an umbrella straw as well.
  • To make the best cold coffee via a blender, you will need the brewed coffee, some milk, sugar, cream, and ice. Pour all the ingredients in a blender, except for the ice, and blend together till you achieve your desired consistency. To finish up, pour the coffee in a glass, and put the ice on top. Serve.

How to Brew Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Vietnamese Iced Coffee is currently trending, because of its varied tastes and unique taste. If you make this during a party or a get- together, your beverage will surely be a hit. In addition to its great taste, the Vietnamese Iced Coffee is also pretty easy to make! It can be your unique spin on creating an interesting date night or breakfast date with your partner. All you need is a Vietnamese Coffee Filter, which can be bought online, for just $7.

Vietnamese iced Coffee for date nights

You can also use any type of roasted coffee for this. However, popular notions state that dark roasted coffee beans work best with this blend.


  • Add some condensed milk to a glass, not too much, but just enough.
  • Add the ground coffee in the bottom layer of the Filter. For best results, use medium ground coffee. It will give a nice, unique taste to the coffee. If you want to add chicory, you can add ½ a teaspoon, but not anymore.
  • Screw in the top filter till it fits tightly and snugly in the filter.
  • Set the filter on top of your glass. The advantage of a glass is that you can see the process happen in front of your eyes. Add about a cup’s worth of hot water on the top part of the filter. As with all kinds of coffee, you will get the best results after bringing your water to a boil. In totality, it should take 4 to 5 minutes for all the water to pass through.
  • Mix, and add a drop of Fish Sauce. This is the secret ingredient of Vietnamese Iced Coffee. Add ice, and serve.

Coffee is an amazing drink but also surrounded by a ton of myths. If you are holding yourself back from embracing coffee wholeheartedly, you should know that most of the coffee myths are baseless and coffee can actually be amazing for your body. It can protect your liver and even help boost your metabolism if you take black coffee right before your workouts.

Say no to coffee myths

To get the perfect taste and maximum coffee benefits, use the best quality water that you can find. For the best results, use bottled water, if you can. Otherwise, the best thing that you can do is pre- boil the coffee beforehand, and then use it to make your coffee blend. If you buy instant coffee packets, then make sure that you try and only then buy. Try at least a small size of every coffee, and then settle for the one that you like the most. You should b willing to spend a few dollars for this.

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