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Social Media Strategy Building With Pinterest for Business: Don’t Take this platform For Granted

Your social media strategy plays a vital role in determining your success in the long run. Facebook and Twitter generate massive leads that redirect a lot of web traffic toward your business website.And now Pinterest for business also deserves your attention for the booming platform it has become. This is the time, we get some spotlights on this social media ‘powerhouse’ and understand the fact that it can help you step up your social media game.

Pinterest game

Pinterest is like an open empty field, offering promising prospects of tapping into a section of people who make most of their buying decisions here. They value Pinterest so much, that they will rather read reviews and watch product trials before tapping their screens to buy it online.

There are 200 million Pinterest users all over the world, who are looking for various ideas and helpful information on the platform. Therefore, using Pinterest for your business is a good solution for showcasing your services and products as the platform doubles up as a consumer product data pool.

If the latest stats are to be believed, 40% of Pinterest users have a household income of more than $100,000. Here, we have a huge population that can prove to be a good resource for cultivating new customers for your business.

Exploring New Frontiers: Using Pinterest For Business Development

Let’s get straight to the point and discover how you can use Pinterest for the benefit of your business.

Part 1: Create Your Pinterest Business Account

Now go to and go on “Pinterest For Business” and click on “Join as a business”.


Even if you already have a personal account, you can move to a Pinterest business account by making an easy switch. First, login in to your profile, click the symbol with three dots on the top right corner of your screen and select “Upgrade your account”.

Fill out all the relevant information about your business such as who will manage your account etc and then click on ‘Done’ once you have completed the information.

Basics of Pinterest account

Discovering The Basics Of Pinterest For Business

If you have already used Pinterest, you can vouch for the fact that it is very addictive. You can go from 0 to 100 in no time! One moment you will be Pinning an idea and the next one you would have already planned how to get it done.

There are four key features that define the app; search, key, boards, and pins. Let’s take a look at each one of them in the next section.

Part 2: Discover Pinterest One By One

2.1: The Pinterest Search:

See it this way, Pinterest is not a social network, but rather as a search engine for images. For example, if you type “black leather shoes”, you will come across various fashion brands, influencers, online sellers and other Pinterest users.

2.2: The Pinterest Pins:

Lying to the center of Pinterest lies around high-quality images like Pins. You can also create a pin without having to link it to a website, but it’s strongly recommended that you link it back to your website if you are using Pinterest for business purposes.

You should collect and save Pins from other users on Pinterest and websites that can be used later.

pinterest accounts

2.3: Pinterest Boards:

Pinterest boards are the places where you save the pins. As a business, you are going to need boards to organize and categorize all your Pins. This will help your followers search you easily and follow the boards on your account which they can find interesting.

1. Pin Down Your Website With Save Button:

Adding the Pinterest “Save” button to your website is an easy way for your business to be discovered on Pinterest. Therefore, if people are going through your website, and if they see an image of something they already like, they can not only hit alike but also add that on their Pinterest account/boards.

2. Enable Rich Pins For Your Account:

The Rich Pins on Pinterest add extra details from Pins from your official website. Currently, Pinterest provides you with 4 types of Rich Pins, namely product, app, recipe, and article. As you might have guessed, these ‘Rich Pins’ work better for your website as per its nature in the given categories.

3. Create Beautiful Pins:

Aesthetic Pins can help you gain more attention from users. Given that Pinterest provides you with a good 1:2.8 ratio you can use portrait shots to pin your images on the board.

You can also pin multiple images if you happen to know image editing software like Photoshop well. You can create a long chain of images pinned to your board.

4. Have Search Friendly Captions For Your Pins:

It is always better to have captions that are most likely to be searched by people. It is just exactly like having the right set of keywords for your Google Search. Let your captions be good enough that they can be easily discovered by a typical Pinterest search in your niche.

If you are having trouble finding the right words, put your best guess. With passing time, you will start closing in with the right words.

5. Create Advertisements On Pinterest With Pins That Are Promoted:

If you are ready to promote your main products or images on Pinterest, a Promoted Pin is the easy way to go, to take your product right before the audiences. According to Pinterest, some 61% of Pinners on Pinterest have made purchases after seeing business content on their feeds. The good news here is that Promoted Pins are very easy to set up with the help of Pinterest Ad Manager.

6. Create Beautiful Aesthetics On Your Account:

Having an aesthetic Pinterest can always be beneficial for your account. So be it your font, the colors, the design of your website. Make sure that your Pinterest account encompasses all these styles that will make it look attractive.

Also, you need to show the same style across your Pinterest account by creating Pinterest board covers.

7. Build A Solid Community On Pinterest:

After you have done building everything on your Pinterest account, it is time you start building your community. Start attracting more and more users from the platform, which will help to cultivate your business here. The more people you can attract, the further will your business get.

social media community

8. Track Your Pinterest Metrics:

Your Pinterest metrics are the various measurements of your account’s reach. Make sure you are measuring your account’s popularity, number of people reaching here, people responding to your Pins, etc.

These metrics will you an idea of how far your Pinterest business account has reached. Eventually, your business will attract just enough people.

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