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Tap In To The Power Of The Emotional Marketing Campaign

Emotional marketing is one of the most effective and powerful ways to make your brand shine amidst your competitors. Buyer’s emotions are always central in influencing their purchasing decisions, be it any part of the world. This is why you cannot undermine the importance of emotional marketing to elicit a response from your consumers.

Response through emotional marketing

Benefits of Emotional Marketing

  • Captivating At The First Go – The highlight of emotional marketing lies in its ability to strike a chord with your consumers at the first go. Because emotional marketing taps on human emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, fear, etc; it is able to have an instant impact upon your consumers to reap benefits from this first impression in the long run.
  • Let’s You Follow Your Heart – Irrespective of the research and time you invest in finding the right product for yourself, you always go on to buy the one touches your heart. This is why emotional marketing works better than many other marketing strategies pulled up by brands all over the world.
  • Memorable Advertising – Another way in which emotional marketing can benefit your brand is by creating a memorable story in the minds of your customers, which recalled later, can convince them to buy your products and services.
  • Brand Name – Emotional marketing also plays a huge role in creating a brand name for your business, by consistently associating positive emotions with your products and services.

Emotional Marketing Strategies

There are a number of emotional marketing strategies that you can use to attract your consumers towards your products and services. Take a look at some of these effective emotional marketing strategies below –

emotional marketing strategies
  • Customer Profiling – Much like any type of marketing, knowing your target audience inside-out is one of the most crucial emotional marketing strategies. It is only through customer profiling that you will tap on emotions that will resonate with your ideal customers and help grow your business in the long run.
  • Color Strategy – You must put in some serious thought into the dynamics of color while creating your emotional marketing strategy. Color plays an integral role on evoking emotion. For instance, colors like red signify passion, excitement, as well as anger and warning. Such symbolisms make it imperative for you to use the right color in your content. You need to be able to signify the emotion that you are aiming to evoke through your emotional marketing attempts.
  • Storytelling – Another sure shot impactful emotional marketing strategy is storytelling. Sharing stories arrests the attention of your consumers. It also helps them to connect with your brand for a long period.
  • Create an Ideal Image – You can also use an emotional marketing strategy in which you create an ideal image. This can be used to convince your consumers how using your product is the right solution to their pressing problem.

4 Ways To Guarantee Customer Loyalty

A business is made big by its loyal customers. And in times like these where the competition is greater than ever, you surely wouldn’t want to lose any customer. Getting a full proof layout of your customer loyalty is a difficult task. It is made even more complex with so many options available in physical stores and online. However, focusing on these 4 things might help you in getting loyal customers over the time.

Idea planning and action


Staying updated in terms of ideas is an asset to attain maximum customer loyalty. This further reflects in overall growth of your business and getting you customers who stick by you.

Choosing a program that reinforces your brand value means targeting audience that revolves around your idea of business. For example, if your brand focusses mainly on the concept of ‘lowest price,’ then you might choose programs with more of a money driven design. This includes offers for instance, discounts, money back offers, and payback credits towards future purchases.

Likewise, setting up exclusive deals for customers via social media, rewarding customer feedback and engaging customers by helping them learn something new are some other ideas to gain customer loyalty.


With significant advances in cusomer loyalty marketing, a strong focus on consumer expectations seems to be a trend in the market. Being dependable, competitive with pricing, and delivering great customer service is no longer enough to create a sense of loyalty among your existing customers. Loyalty strategy and technology must continually evolve to keep customers coming back.

The most preferred way for consumers to earn rewards is through discounts and offers, followed by free products and free services. Younger generations, in particular, are motivated by gamification strategies. Statistics prove this, with 40 percent of Millennials approving of loyalty programs that are fun and interactive. Thus innovation helps.


 Nowadays, the abundance of competition means that no single company can afford to become complacent. This also means that the better you interact with customers, the better are the chances of them being loyal. There are tools to track vital interests of your each customer, use them to Get Personal with your customers. For example, spontaneous expressions of thankfulness can reinforce customer loyalty.


Keeping your customers loyal by promoting your product with innovation can turn out to be major move. These may include giving discount coupons, arranging contests, keeping point-of-sale display and the likes.

online promotion

Thus it becomes extremely necessary to keep these 4 customer loyalty tactics in mind. It will help you to bring customers back for more and lead to ultimately create a raving fan base.

Knitting emotion into your marketing strategies is indeed an ideal way of attracting more and more consumers. You can use this to help grow your business in the long run. Also, combining all these strategies in your advertising can make it even more effective.

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